MWSU guest network

Guests may connect to the 'MWSU-Guest' network. Guest's devices should automatically open a splash login page, similar to hotels and other business guest networks. Guests will simply need to check a box agreeing to Missouri Western's terms of service and click 'Login' to gain Internet access.

Guests connecting in this manner will have access until midnight of that day. The next day they will simply need to follow the process again.

Guests will be restricted to Web-based traffic only, and limited to 5Mbps of available bandwidth per device. These restrictions should still allow for video streaming and video-conferencing through most services. There may be adjustments to these restrictions in the future based on usage patterns.

If there are guests that require less restrictions for Missouri Western sponsored events, employees may contact the Technology Services Helpdesk to obtain specific credentials for those guests. A link on the guest splash page will allow those given specific credentials to login for a less restrictive experience.

Sponsor codes for group events are no longer required nor available.

For reference, a screenshot of the splash page is attached.

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