Connecting your Amazon Echo or Alexa Dot to MWSU Wifi

1. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your cell phone or tablet
2. Tap “More” located at bottom right of the app
3. Tap “Add a Device” from the menu
4.  Select device you are adding
5. Follow the steps from the app
6. Once the device is connected to your phone, go back to the “More” menu
7. Tap the “Settings” option
8. Tap the “Device Settings” option
9. Tap the device you want to connect
10. Find the “About” option in the device settings
11. Note the device’s MAC address
12. Go to MWSU Register MAC Address to register the MAC address for your device
13. When prompted, enter your MWSU credentials
14. Select Entertainment as the Device Type and Other for the Device Subtype
15. Enter the MAC address noted in step 11
16. Once finished, click the submit button

Note: If the device is still not connected to the network, power off the device for 30-60 minutes.

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