Canvas Quizzes and Lockdown Browser(Faculty)

  1. Canvas>New Quizzes>Canvas is rolling out a new quiz tool called New Quizzes, which will eventually replace the current Quizzes tool.  Currently, the Quizzes tool is the default option, however, New Quizzes can be activated and used now in your Canvas courses. You can activate New Quizzes under Settings>Feature Options, by toggling the button to a green checkmark.

Links for New Quizzes:

(Attached document illustrates the steps for activating New Quizzes in Canvas and also moving current quizzes and test banks over from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes)

2.  Canvas>LockDown Browser>

There is now a LockDown Browser link on your course navigation bar in your Canvas courses.  If you click that link, you will have the option to review some tutorial videos and other resources or skip directly to setting up your exams/quizzes using LockDown Browser. It is highly recommended that you spend some time reviewing these short videos and resources if you plan to use LockDown Browser.

LockDown Browser, through Respondus, locks student’s screens to the online exam in Canvas only and does not allow for other browsers or applications to be accessible during the test taking time frame.  There is a specific URL and instructions/resources, along with recommended verbiage for your syllabus, that provides students with the necessary information to download, install and use the LockDown Browser application each time they are required to take an exam with LockDown Browser.  

*LockDown Browser is optional and is NOT required to use it but does add a level of security to your online exams so you may use it any time you want for any online exam.  This includes Classic Quizzes (current version) and New Quizzes (mentioned above).   It's pretty intuitive and easy to use for you and your students.  

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