Connect PC to MWSU-Admin

1. Go to wireless networks at the bottom right taskbar
2. Select the MWSU-Admin SSID
3. Click Connect
4. Enter in the user’s MWSU Credentials
5. Click OK
6. Click Connect

7. The MWSU Device portal will up automatically. Click Start

8. Enter your Device Information (the Device ID populates automatically)
9. Click Next

10. Open the downloaded file (via pop up or by locating it in your Downloads folder, etc.)

11. Click Run on the prompt the comes up
12. Windows will ask if you approve the program to make changes to your computer. Click Yes

1. Click Start to initiate the install. STOP and do not press anything. Proceed to the next step

13. Click No on the pop up asking if you want to allow the certificate install

14. You will receive confirmation once the installation is complete (takes a minute or two). Click Exit
15. Go to wireless networks at the bottom right taskbar
16. Select the MWSU-Admin SSID
17. Click OK
18. Go to a browser and go to a new website to confirm the connection is online
Windows PC > Remove an Old Certificate
1. Open