Zoom Hosting Instructions

This document covers how to start and Host a Zoom meeting. Please follow these links to learn more about: Scheduling Zoom meetings, Troubleshooting Audio/Video in Zoom meetings or our 2. Check your Audio Settings: at the bottom left corner of the Zoom app, click the up arrow on the Microphone icon to choose from all available Microphone and Speaker options on your system (These options will vary depending on your specific setup).

1. It is advised that you do not completely disable text chats, should the participant have technical issues with their mic or camera.
  1. It is important to note and to let participants know if you are recording the meeting the Host will receive a full transcript of all Chats (Including private chats the host was not included in) once the meeting ends. ](http://griff.vn/Recording)

4. Recording your meeting by default (if you have a Missouri Western issued Zoom account) only the Host can record. Participants can request the host give them access to record on their end. All Zoom recordings are saved to the local machine the Host is using.

5. Breakout Rooms Breakout Rooms are a great way to have group discussions or individual meetings within a larger Zoom meeting. 

[Once you have created the rooms, from the options drop down


you can choose 5, 10, 30, 60 and 120 seconds for the countdown.

6. Ending the Meeting When you have completed your Zoom Meeting, simply click the “End” icon and “End Meeting for All”