Activate your MWSU account for students, faculty and employees

You should receive an email with your username and your account activation code.  
In this below example we are showing a test account for Sam Student. 
Username: sstudent4

Activation code:  V9SQ206r  (your username and activation code will be unique to you)

To activate your account go to
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Goldlink below Quicklinks

1. Select Activate account.

2. Type in your Username and your Activation Code and then select "Activate".

3. Select either your personal email address or your mobile phone number to receive a verification code.  

Note: If you do not have either a personal email address or mobile phone number set up or access to those, please contact the MWSU helpdesk by calling 816-271-4555 to work through verifying your account.

4. In this case, I selected SMS, text messaging to my personal phone number ending in 0369.  So I received the below message stating that the code had been sent to my phone.  
If you selected your personal email address you would see that indicated instead.

5. In this case, I selected SMS to my personal mobile number ending in 0369.  I received the text below.  It is showing my account token is QQHVQ3SU.

6. You will enter the code you receive in the box and select "Check Code".

7. You will get a message that your account has been activated.  Select Continue.

8. You will then create your password for your MWSU account.  
This password is your personal key for your account.  Do not share this password with anyone.  Do not use any part of your name, username or G number in your password.   

8. You will then see a message that your password has been changed. Stay on this page until this process is complete. Once the process is complete you will receive the below message.  Select Continue and you will be returned to the log in page.


If you have any issues call the Help Desk at 816-271-4555 or stop by Hearnes 150 for assistance.