How to get your MWSU transcript

How to get your Transcript

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Missouri Western State University in the search field and click continue

  1. Read through the notification page and select Order Transcript(s)

4. Next fill in the required Identifying information and hit Continue.


  1. Next enter your contact information and select if you would like to receive transcript status updates text messages and hit continue.

  1. Next, select the transcript delivery details.

  1. Continue selecting the Transcript and delivery details on the next page.


  1. Verify your selections and Proceed to Checkout.


  1. Sign the Electronic Consent Form.

  1. Provide your payment information and Submit your order.

Once submitted you will receive a confirmation email from the National Student Clearinghouse at the email address you provided. 

You may also receive additional email messages with information about your transcript depending on your delivery selections.