Adding Link to a Panopto Video into a Canvas Module

These instructions are on how to add a link to a Panopto Video for your students to click on in a module.

Click on the “Modules” tab on the left hand side of the Canvas page.

Find the specific Module you wish to put the video into.  Click the “+” plus sign on the far right side of the Module’s title line.  

Click the drop down menu next to “Add”, and choose “External Tool”

This will bring up a list of ‘tools’ you can choose from.  Scroll down and find the “Panopto Recordings” tool and click on that.

This will bring up a list of all of the videos you have in your Panopto Recordings folder associated with your class.  Find the video you wish to insert into your module, click the circle to the right of the video to highlight it and that will bring up the “Insert” button at the bottom.  Click “Insert”.

This will take you back to the add item box.  Click “Add Item” at the bottom right corner.

Your video is now added to the Module for students to click on and view.  Don’t forget to publish the video so the students will be able to see the link in the module..