Adding and Editing Captions for Panopto Videos

To add captions to a Panopto video, you need to import the auto captions from the edit menu.  Once they have been imported, you can then edit the words in case the auto/computer captions did not use the correct terminology.

  1. First, choose which video in your Panopto folder you wish to add captions.

Hover your cursor/mouse over the video until the 5 option buttons appear.  Click on “Edit”.

  1. This opens up the editing part of Panopto.  On the left hand side, choose “Captions”  Then under “import captions”, choose “import automatic captions”.  

  1. This will load up the computer generated captions that Panopto provides with Speech to Text technology, that may not be 100% accurate.  Once the captions have loaded up, click “apply” so that the captions will be saved and embedded with the video.  

  1. This will tell you that the video is processing and unavailable at this time.

  1. When it finishes processing, you can go back into the video editor, that now has the captions as part of the video.  You can turn them on to watch and see if any terminology needs to be changed.

  1. If a single word or small phrase needs to be adjusted, it can be done from the caption boxes on the left side, under the “Captions” option.

  1. You can also make changes to a word or small phrase by clicking the 3 dots on the right side of the text box and choose the “Edit” option.

  1. Just hit save and check to see if the time flows better with the video and captions.

  1. You can adjust the time that certain portions of the closed captioning will start in the video.  However, if you have made any edits to the video in the video editor, this will affect that timing and possibly not work well.  We suggest using the timing feature that Panopto has assigned to the auto captions.

  2. Once you have checked for the correct terminology and spelling of the captions through the end of the video, click “Apply” to save and embed the captions to the video.