Creating an Assignment Folder in Panopto

Having Students Upload a Video to Your Class’s Panopto Folder

As part of a class assignment, you may need your students to upload a video assignment into your Panopto folder. As the professor, you are the ‘creator’ of the folder, and as students, they are the ‘viewer’ of the folder.  Viewers can not upload videos into the class folder or into any new folder created inside of the class folder.  You have to create an “assignment folder” that will allow the students to record a Panopto video or upload a video recording.

Creating an Assignment Folder

  1. From the Panopto folder for your class, Click on the “Folder Settings” button on the far right side of the screen in the .
  2. From “Overview” on the left hand side, go down to “Assignment Folder”. Click on “Create Assignment Folder”.

This creates an assignment folder, which has the name of the Class folder with (assignment) at the end for the students to recognize.  This is also where you can “Close” the folder at the end of the class assignment so students can not upload any more or late videos.Your students will find the folder in the main class folder.

When a student uploads a video to this assignment folder, only you and that student can see their video.  Each student’s video is unavailable to other students.  If you need for this assignment to be some sort of peer reviewed assignment, you can make the videos available to the other students.

  1. Open the “assignment folder” and click on the “Folder Settings Button on the right side of the screen.
  2. On the left hand side, click on “Settings”.  Here, make sure to click the box by “Allow viewers to see each other’s sessions”.