Setting the Availability of a Panopto Video

If you ever find yourself needing to record a video, but you do not want your students to have access to it until a certain time and date, you can adjust the availability of that video in Panopto.

After the video has been recorded or uploaded, hover your cursor over the video until the 5 option buttons appear.  Click “Settings”.

When the settings window opens, click on “Overview” on the left hand side.  Scroll all the way to the bottom until you find “Availability”.

Under Availability, you can set when the video will be available for the students to view.  Under “Session Becomes Available”, you can choose the date and time for the students to be able to view the video.  Also, if you only want the video available for a certain amount of time, you can choose when the video will become unavailable to the students.  Under “Session Remains Available”, you can choose the date and time when the students will no longer be able to view the video.