Remotely access Windows 10 device from Windows 10

Remote Computer Lab Access Tool Guide

(Please note that depending on your internet connection speed, the initial login time may take several minutes)

Click the Download button to start the process. The tool will download a Remote Desktop Program (RDP) connection file.  This file contains information for connecting to a lab computer and will allow you to connect to its screen and have access to its programs as if you were sitting in front of it on campus. You do not need any special technical knowledge to use this tool.  

Download progress will appear in the bottom status bar of the browser. When it is finished, click on the file name in the status bar to start the connection process. Or navigate to the Downloads folder and double click the RDP file to launch.

The following security warning will pop up.  Ensure that the remote computer name is the computer name you selected and that the Gateway server ends in

You will be prompted for credentials.  Enter your MWSU username. If you are unable to login precede your username with “univ\” (without the quotes). The password will be your MWSU password.  
Click OK to begin the remote session. 
Once you have successfully authenticated your identity, you will have a remote session on the lab computer and can begin work.  

After you have completed your work on the remote computer please log off so that the computer can become available for other users to use. Please DO NOT shutdown or restart the computer, logging off will take a second and then your session will end.

If you have any further questions please  do not hesitate to contact the MWSU Helpdesk by calling 271-4555, emailing or stopping by and see us in Hearnes 150.

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