Remotely access Windows 10 device from Chromebook

Remote Computer Lab Access Tool Guide

(Please note that depending on your internet connection speed, the initial login time may take several minutes)

  1. Go to your browser and navigate to  

(or quick

  1. Please make sure the app has the circled icon in the photo below, and it is from the Microsoft Corporation. After you install the Remote Desktop app please open it to launch for the first time.

3. Once you have downloaded and installed the Remote Desktop app navigate to the ‘Files app’ and select ‘Downloads’

  1. Select the file downloaded to connect to the MWSU computer, then click Open and select RD Client to open the file with Remote Desktop.

  1. On the first launch of Microsoft Remote Desktop you’ll see a message like this, allow it access.

  1. Enter your MWSU username. If you are unable to login precede your username with “univ\” (without the quotes).