Recording from the Document Camera - Samsung 850

Some classrooms are equipped with the Samsung 850 document camera (indicated on the base of the document camera); in these classrooms, the document camera will not be available as a video source in Panopto. In order to capture video from the document camera, there are specific steps that will need to be taken in order to record the doc cam in Panopto.

Note: The red light on the document camera indicates that it is not powered on; if you begin the SDP-850 while the document camera is off, you will receive an error. In this case, turn the document camera on then close the error box.

  1. Open up SDP-850 from the desktop icon or computer start menu 

  1. In Panopto, Tick the box next to “Capture Main Screen” (this should be on by default)
  2. Use the SDP-850 viewer to present from the document camera

Note: Do not switch to the “Doc Cam” source on the teacher station control panel

  • Inside the SDP-850 viewer program you can control the zoom and focus adjusting it to your content as well as many other features
  • To aid with in room projecting record in Panopto and screen sharing in zoom you can make the image full screen
  • Press the escape key to exit full screen
  • When finished with the document camera click the exit button to close the program