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Classroom Technology Training Video

The video includes basic classroom technology usage.

Best practice input selections for recording in the classrooms

Every classroom and Computer Lab on campus has the capability to record your screen and some form of Audio and Video from the room. There are three main types of classrooms you need to be aware of before you can make the right choice for recording. Those three types are: Rear camera and Lapel, We...

Computer Audio Troubleshooting

If the computer audio is not working, check the following: The audio source is turned up (i.e., video or audio players) The computer volume is turned up The classroom control panel  volume knob is turned up The classroom control panel "Audio Mute" button is disable (not flashing) The classroom c...

Rechargeable batteries for lapel microphones

Classrooms and Computer Labs with Lapel microphones will have rechargeable batteries and charger installed in the drawer.  Best practice is to put a new set of batteries in the lapel before beginning your class and put the used set back on the charger. Please do not throw away the batteries!

Recording from the Document Camera - Samsung 850

Some classrooms are equipped with the Samsung 850 document camera (indicated on the base of the document camera); in these classrooms, the document camera will not be available as a video source in Panopto. In order to capture video from the document camera, there are specific steps that will nee...

Document Camera Software-Samsung 860

Some classrooms are equipped with the Samsung 860 document camera, indicated on the base of the document camera. There are some features available in the SDP860 USBViewer that you may find useful when using these document cameras. Opening the Application To begin, open up the SDP860 USBViewer eit...

Samsung 860 Document Camera Rotation

The Samsung 860 Document Cameras have the built-in ability to rotate the image presented regardless of document orientation. This makes reading the document easier on the presenter. Rotating Document Image Open the menu by pressing the menu button in the center of selection buttons (signified w...

Classroom PTZ Camera Operation

Presets The PTZ cameras installed in classrooms have 2 preset positions, wide and close-up.Close-up – The close-up preset shows just the teacher station. Wide – The wide preset shows both the teacher station and the entirety of the front of the classroom. Setting Video Source When using Zoom or P...

Document Camera Assistance

For assistance with MWSU document cameras, please visit one of the related articles linked below Samsung 860 Doc Cam  Helpful Links Samsung 860 Document Camera RotationDocument Camera Software-Samsung 860 Samsung 850 Doc Cam Helpful Links Recording from the Document Camera - Samsung 850

(WiP) Kemper Recital Hall, Spratt Hall 101

This is where Spratt 101 specific Directions will Go