Perceptive Content(Image Now) Profile Issues

Setting up a Perceptive Content (ImageNow) profile

If you receive this error while trying to login to Perceptive Content, you will need to manually recreate your connection profile.

 To manually recreate the connection profile, do the following:
1) Open the Perceptive Content client
2) At the top, select 'Connection Profiles'
3) Likely no profiles will be shown. Select 'Edit Profiles'
4) In the new window, click 'Create'
5) Fill out the fields as follows:
      Name: Production
      Server ID: 
      Server Type: Production 
      Port Number: 6000 
6) Click 'OK' to create the new profile 
7) Make sure the 'Production' profile is selected and click 'OK'. 
8) You should now be able to logon