Downloading Videos from Panopto

Instructions on how to download videos from

Panopto for permanent storage

The first thing you need to know, videos will not look the way they do in Panopto.  If you use both your camera and a PowerPoint, the default for downloading the video is a picture-in-picture setting with the camera in the lower right corner of the screen.



You can choose to pick only the camera or only the PowerPoint, document camera, 2nd input source, etc., which we will go over later.


If you are the creator of the content/video, or have been given creator access to the video from the original creator, simply go to the Panopto folder that holds the video you want to download.  You can get there by going to the website, or to the Panopto Recordings tab via the Canvas course.


Find the video and click on the name to start it playing.



Once the video opens, look in the upper right corner and find the download button.  Click this and it will prompt you to download the video to the folder of your choosing.



If you do not have this option, you are not listed as the creator or owner of this video, and therefore are not allowed to download it.


Please contact the owner, or a Panopto Administrator ( to gain permission to download it.


When you download the video this way, it will be in the default picture-in-picture format and will only be half of the HD format size.  This can cause issues down the road as far as the look of the video when played back on different types of computers/players.




To download a specific camera/input and to make the downloaded video the full HD size, follow these steps:


Go to the video you wish to download, hover your mouse/cursor over the video and then click on the “Settings” button.


This will open the Settings box.  On the left side, click on “Outputs”.  Find the “Video Podcast” section.  This is where you will change the “Type” and “Quality” of the video before you download it.

When you click on “Type”, you can choose the option for Primary Video Only, Secondary Video Only, or Picture-In-Picture (among others).

Primary Video Only:

Secondary Video Only:


When you click on “Quality”, choose the “1080p (30 fps)” option.  This is the best setting for the video for downloading it.

Once you have changed these settings, the word “Apply” will appear.  Click that to begin the processing of the new settings for the video.

Once you click on apply, the “Download Podcast” option will disappear on the right side.  Close this box (“X” in upper right corner) as the podcast will need to process before you can download it.  You will see “Processing podcast” appear next to the video.

It will take a little time to process the podcast, depending on the length of the video, it may take quite a while.  Once the “processing podcast” has finished, you can click on the title again, to open the video and then click the download button in the upper right corner (see instructions at beginning of this sheet).  This will download the video with new, updated podcast settings.

You can also go back into the settings, under “Output” and click the “download podcast” on the right side.

Either way will download the video that you have picked in the settings of the Video Podcast section.