Goldlink-how to make the 'mailto:' function work in chrome browser

To make the ‘mail to:’ function work in the chrome browser follow the directions below.:

Section 1:

1) Close all open tabs in chrome

2) Open a chrome tab and enter the following URL to bring up the correct settings page: 

Section 2:

1) Open a second tab and open your campus gmail.  

2) Look at the right side of the address bar for the Protocol Handler icon. They look like 2 intersecting diamonds.             

3) Click on the Protocol Handler icon (two intersecting diamonds).  

You should get a small dialog box that asks you to Allow

4) Choose the  Allow  radio button.

5) Click  Done.

[6) Then  go back to Section 1  and follow the instructions until you set the  as a default.

Section 3:  If the windows default apps window pops up, select Email and set the default client to Google Chrome (NOT the blue envelope).](