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Goldlink Classlist Navigation-Faculty

The following route is for faculty to view their assigned class rosters in goldlink. Go to Faculty Resources card >  Faculty Tools >  Faculty Detail Schedule >  Enter the term and find the course from the dropdown >  Under the Course heading in the third row there is a link under Roster for Cla...

Goldlink brief tutorial video

Click link below to view a brief goldlink tutorial video. [youtube-video I-tr-EnsDJQ]

Old Goldlink and New Goldlink look comparison

To see a side-by-side comparison of the old and new goldlink areas please download the below PDF. Note that new features will be arriving periodically to goldlink so there may be additional cards or links available.   goldlink old and new.pdf 1.19 MB (

Goldlink-how to make the 'mailto:' function work in chrome browser

To make the ‘mail to:’ function work in the chrome browser follow the directions below.: Section 1: 1) Close all open tabs in chrome 2) Open a chrome tab and enter the following URL to bring up the correct settings page:

Goldlink- old "Look up Classes" location -Faculty

The old "Look up Classes" tool is now on the Advisors Tools card in goldlink under "Browse Classes". Once selected, you can choose which term or subject you would like to search.  The "Browse Classes" tool can also be found on the following card: Registration, Student Academic Resources, and Impo...