Connect Student Devices to Resnet


  1. Access the Missouri Western portal – for the FIRST device you use to get online use a phone or laptop
    1. Go to your wireless settings on your device (iphone pictured below), navigate to the SSID list, Find “WiFi Start Here” and click the “information” on that SSID, Turn OFF Private WiFi Address (also called Mac Randomization on some devices)

  1. Next, Click “Join this Network” which should auto direct you to the MWSU portal (

*It is important to follow these steps for getting both a phone and laptop online for the FIRST time only

  1. For getting the first device online, Click to Create a New Account using your MWSU school credentials 
  2. Re-sign in as an existing user after your account is created – always use MWSU credentials to sign in 
  3. A WiFi password is automatically created at this point and will be emailed to you- check your email, save it and make note of your WiFi password – you will use this for each device you add 
  4. The portal will auto-grab the mac address of your current device – choose your device type and name
  5. You will get a notice that your device has been added – but there are 2 more steps to complete 
  6. On that same device, go back to your wireless settings, click on “WiFi Start Here” and “forget” this network.
  7. Next, Click on the information button for “MyResNet 5G”, turn OFF the Private Address Feature and then click to Join Network  - connect using your WiFi password 
  8. Enable the “auto join” feature at the SSID level and your device will connect automatically going forward 

For subsequent devices that have a browser (phone/laptop/tablet):

  1. Start the process over following the steps above starting with Step 1a.  Skip Step 2 as you do NOT need to create a new account, just sign into the portal with your MWSU UN/PW.  The portal will auto grab the Mac of the new device. 

If you get an error at any time, delete the device from your portal and start the process over with the “WiFi Start Here” SSID.  It is most likely a Mac Randomization issue where it pulled the wrong Mac- follow the steps exactly in order for the correct Mac to be auto pulled and registered. 

For other devices without browser capability (ROKU, Alexa, printers, etc):

  1.  Locate the Mac address of the device (use google or the help link within the portal if needed) and manually add it via the “Add Device” button in the MWSU portal ( )
  2.   Once the device is in the portal, join the SSID on the device with your WiFi password – turning OFF private addressing if applicable 

Missouri Western students can register as many devices as they would like into the portal and Apogee supports our speeds per device for 10 devices to be connected and in use at the same time.  If you have 10 devices connected and you need access to another device, disconnect the WiFi from one device in order to make room for another device.  You should have excellent wireless service on each device so if you do not,  please contact Apogee 24/7/365 to report any problems directly to us at the MWSU specific phone number of 833-410-2436.