Zoom Basic and Pro Accounts

Missouri Western State University has an Educational Account with Zoom.  This gives us an unlimited number of Basic Accounts, and a limited number of Pro Licenses to use for our Staff and Faculty.  If you have signed up for a Basic/Free account on your own using your Missouri Western email address, you are not part of our Educational Account and therefore can not take advantage of our global security features, nor our access to the Pro Licenses when you would possibly need them.

If you signed up for your own account, please submit a helpdesk ticket at griff.vn/helpdesk.  We can look to be sure you are not already part of our Education Zoom Account, and if not, send you a request to join our Missouri Western Account.

Differences between the Basic and Pro Zoom Accounts:

Basic Account:

With the Basic Account, you can host a meeting with up to 300 participants.  Anyone that joins a meeting you schedule does not need to have a Zoom account of their own.  Only the Host needs to have a Zoom Account.  Therefore, if you use Zoom for your class, or for office hours, your students will not need an account of their own.

You can record the meeting to the computer or device you are using for the meeting.

You can share your screen, or one particular program or app.

Schedule meetings and even recurring meetings for classes and office hours.

Assign a co-host during the meeting.

Give participants the permissions to record the meeting and/or share their screen.

Meeting length - If a meeting has 2 or less participants, the meeting time is unlimited.  If 3 or more participants join the meeting/session, the meeting will end after 40 minutes.

Pro Account:

With the Pro Account you have all of the features mentioned above.

You can host a meeting/session with up to 500 participants.

Meeting length is unlimited, no matter how many participants have joined in the meeting.

Please see this document for more detailed information on each of the features mentioned above.

We are limited to the number of Pro Licenses that we have available for our campus.  However, your account can be given access to a Pro License as needed and then switched back to a Basic account when you have no need for the Pro features so that others can have access to the license.  Contact us by putting in an inquiry ticket with our helpdesk so we can contact you, discuss your needs and find a solution for you.