Event Space Guides

This guide explains the proper use and operation of presentation equipment located in MWSU event spaces.

Note: Operations not listed in this guide are not permitted. Alteration of the presentation equipment is not permitted. Users of the presentation equipment are responsible for the proper use of the presentation equipment. 

Control Panel

The control panels in the event rooms are used to control the audio and video of the presentation equipment. 

Control Display ON/OFF

The on and off buttons on the control panel turn the projector on and off respectively.

Volume Knob

The volume knob controls the audio volume in the room.


Begin setup by pressing the “On” button on the control panel to turn on the projector. The projector may take a moment to startup.

Note :  the projector "On" button may be lit though the projector is not powered on, simply press the "Off" button, then the "On" button


Presentation Computer

To use the presentation computer, you will need to sign in using your MWSU credentials.

To present a laptop connect an HDMI cable to the HDMI port labelled on the podium. (HDMI cable not provided)


When you are finished using the equipment be sure to turn off the projector/television and sign out of the desktop computer if applicable.

Document Camera

Document cameras in event spaces are accessed through the installed computer.  To use, turn on the power to the document camera and then open the document camera software on the desktop. For further guidance on using the document camera, visit Document Camera Assistance.

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