Panopto Video Assignment Instructions for Students

Guide for students to turn in video projects using the 
assignment folder in Panopto

There are 2 ways to create a video to turn in for assignments in your class.  You can create the video using Panopto (Panopto Recorder), which will automatically load the video into Panopto.  Or, you can use your computer, laptop or mobile device’s video app to record the video and manually upload that into Panopto.

Using the Panopto Recorder

First, download the Panopto Recorder app from the website, if you do not have it already.  Visit

After you have the folder selected, make sure you give the video a name that includes your name so the teacher knows who submitted the video assignment.  Then, click record and make your video.

Once finished, click “stop”.  It will ask if you are done or if you want to delete and try again.  Click done if you are satisfied with the video.  It will begin to upload.  Depending on your internet speed, this may take a few seconds to several minutes.  Once you see the word “processing” appear next to the name of the video, you know it’s safe to close the Panopto Recorder.
Panopto will continue to process the video and it will be ready to view in the proper assignment folder.

Please note, if you record the video into “My Folder” that is your personal folder which only you have access to.  Your teacher will NOT be able to view the video that is in your “My Folder”.  If you do record the video to your personal folder, here are the instructions on how to move or copy that video into the proper folder.
Be sure to use the same “folder” instructions above to make sure you pick the correct assignment folder to move/copy the video into.

Uploading a pre-recorded video

If you record a video using the video app on your laptop/computer or mobile device, all you need to do is upload that video into Panopto.  Go into your Canvas shell for the class with the assignment project.  Click on the “Panopto Recordings” tab on the left side column.  

Once in that section, find the specific Assignment folder (instructor will give you the exact name of the Assignment folder) and click on that.  This is the assignment folder that you will need to upload your video into.

Once you are inside the Assignment folder, you will see the green “Create” button at the top of the screen.  Click on that, and then on the drop down menu, click on “upload media”.

This will bring up a box that instructs you to drag-n-drop the video or audio file to upload, or click on the box to find the video.  Click the box and then it will ask you to find the video you recorded.  Click the video and click ok and it will automatically upload the video for you.  Please wait till this box tells you that the video is uploaded and processing and you may now close that box.

That’s it.  Your video will be uploaded to the proper assignments folder.  If you are experiencing any issues, please reach out to me at or and let me know what problems you are having.
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