Connecting a macOS Laptop to MWSU network

When connecting a macOS(Apple) laptop to the Missouri Western network you will need to follow the instructions below. All devices must be registered properly to ensure they will connect correctly.

  1. Connect the device to MWSU-HowToConnect

  1. Once you connect to MWSU-HowToConnect please open up your preferred web browser(Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc) and go to a website that isn't Google if the register your device page doesn't automatically pop up. When connected to this network trying to go to a different website will automatically redirect you to the below page. Once here please click the top link to install the root certificate.

  1. Once the root certificate is downloaded, click on the icon in your downloads folder. It will open an application called 'Keychain access' and install the certificate.

  1. Once you have installed the root certificate please go back to your web browser to continue the registration process. Once back on the register your device page, please login with your Missouri Western username and password. Follow the prompts and download necessary profile.

  1. Once the profile is downloaded if the profiles window below doesn't automatically open, please find the profile in your downloads folder and double click on the profile. You will be prompted to continue and install the profile.

Once you have installed the certificates and profiles needed you can connect to the MWSU network. Please make sure to forget the MWSU-HowToConnect network.

Please contact the helpdesk at 816-271-4555 if you have any questions or issues with registering your device(s) on the network.

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