Connecting iPhone/iPad to MWSU campus network

When connecting an iPhone/iPad to the Missouri Western campus network you will need to follow the instructions below. All devices must be registered properly to ensure they will connect correctly.
For the Residence Hall (ResNet) network go here.

For iPhone 13's and devices running iOS 14 or higher will need to turn off mac address randomization also known as private address before registering on the network.  For instructions

  1. Once connected please open your web browser(Safari, Chrome, etc) if it doesn't redirect you to the register your device page, please try to go to a website you haven't visited before( we recommend

  1. You will be prompted to allow the website to download a configuration profile. You must allow this as the information contained in the profile will properly network your device. Once you allow the profile to download you will need to go to your Settings app.

  1. Once in settings, scroll down to 'General' and once in 'General' scroll down to 'Profiles'

  1. Install the profile, you will have to click install twice between 2 different screens.

  1. Please return back to the register your device site in your web browser and log in with your Missouri Western username and password. After logging in you will need to download and install another certificate and go through the same process as before to approve it. GO to settings>general>profiles and install the profile.

  1. After completing installing the necessary profiles you will see a screen saying it is completing the configuration.

  1. After you have completed the configuration, please forget the MWSU-HowToConnect network, by clicking on the blue 'i' icon next to it and clicking 'Forget This Network' then select MWSU and your device should connect and you will be able to browse the network normally.


Please contact the Technology Services helpdesk at 816-271-4555 if you have any questions or issues with registering your device(s) on the MWSU campus network.


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