Connecting an Android device to MWSU network

When connecting a Windows laptop to the Missouri Western network you will need to follow the instructions below. All devices must be registered properly to ensure they will connect correctly.

1. Connect the device to MWSU-HowToConnect

2. Open the Google Play Store app on your device.

3. Search for the Aruba quick connect app. Below is the specific application you will want to download.

4. Once you have the app installed please launch it to set up permissions.

5. You will see multiple pop up windows asking you to approve access to permissions on your device, this is necessary to correctly register your device on the network.

6. Please open your web browser and navigate to a web page that isn't Google and it will redirect you to the register your device page. Login with your Missouri Western username and password.

7. Once you are logged in please click I have already installed QuickConnect.

8. Install the Network profile.

9. You will be prompted to either install the profile to downloads or open with ClearPass QuickConnect. Please make sure you select ClearPass QuickConnect, it will open the profile and walk you through the additional steps to register your Android device on the MWSU network.

Please contact the helpdesk at 816-271-4555 if you have any questions or issues with registering your device(s) on the network.
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