J139 Quick Reference Guide

Logging in to your phone  

  1. On the Login screen in the Username field, type your extension.
  2. Press one of the following: • Enter • OK • # • Down Arrow
  3. In the Password field, type your password. 
  4. Press one of the following: • Enter • OK • # 
  5. To change the extension number or the password, press Backspace.


 Making a call by using the dial mode  

Use this procedure to make a call without lifting the handset or pressing Speaker. Set the dialing mode on the phone to Auto or Manual.

  •  If the dial mode is set to Auto, dial the required number of digits. 

The phone initiates the call when the inter digit timer times out.

  •  If the dial mode is set to Manual, dial the number and press the Call softkey.

 Answering a call  

Use this procedure to answer a call. When you receive a call, the phone does the following: 

  • Generates audio visual alerts.
  • Displays the caller’s name or number. 

Do one of the following: 

  •  Lift the handset. 
  •  Press Speaker. 
  •  Press OK.
  •  Press the Answer softkey.

Viewing call history details  

You can view following details of each call: 

• Call type (incoming, outgoing, missed)

• Name 

• Extension number 

• Time 

• Date 

• Duration 

  1. Press Recents. 

  2. (Optional) To navigate through Main menu, scroll to the following: 

  • Applications, and press Select. 
  • Recents, and press Select. 
  1. Select the number that you want to view. 

  2. Press Details. The phone displays the details of the selected call.

Advanced Features

 Forwarding a call to another extension  

Use this procedure to forward incoming calls to a specified number. 

Ensure that the feature is activated by your administrator. 

  1. Press Main Menu. 

  2. Scroll to Features, and press Select. 

  3. To enable Call Forward feature, scroll to one of the following options: 

  • Call Fwd 
  • Call Forward-Busy 
  • Call Forward-No Answer 
  1. Press one of the following: 
  • Select 
  • OK 
  1. In the Destination field, enter the number where you want to forward the incoming calls. 

  2. Press one of the following: 

  • Save 
  • OK

The phone generates a confirmation tone and returns to the Features menu. 

  1. To disable any of the Call Forward feature, go to the respective screen and press one of the following: 
  • Select 
  • OK


Turning button clicks on and off 

  1. Press Main menu. 

  2. Scroll to Settings, and press Select. 

  3. Scroll to Audio settings, and press Select. 

  4. Use the Down Arrow key to go to the Button clicks screen. 

  5. Press Toggle to turn the audio on or off. 

  6. Press Save.

Setting a personalized ring tone  

  1. Press Main menu. 

  2. Scroll to Settings, and press Select. 

  3. Scroll to Audio, and press Select. 

  4. Scroll to Personalize ringing, and press Select. 

  5. Select Primary 

  6. Press one of the following: 

  • Select 
  • OK 
  1. Scroll to the ringtone, and press Select. 

8.(Optional) To play the ringtone, press Play. 

  1. Press Save. 

All of this information is available in a PDF here